ReFraming Architecture by Stilwerk

Giorgio Gullotta interviewed by ReFraming Architecture

In the new online talk by ReFraming Architecture, Giorgio Gullotta talks about the development and creation of Waterworks, East Hotel and Elbgold, amongst other things. He explains how old surfaces, new natural stone floors and an oversized fireplace in the former machine hall provide warmth and atmosphere, that French oak floors and architect-designed furniture for the East Hotel make quality tangible, and in what way a black natural stone counter complemented with brass in Café Elbgold corresponds with a natural stone wall from Saxon Switzerland.

During the talk about "Interior and Shop Design" with Kristien Ring (DAZ) - recorded in the Roche Bobois showroom at stilwerk Hamburg - Giorgio Gullotta confesses his fetish for attention to detail, emphasises the honesty of material, the importance of haptics and the chemistry between architect and client. For Giorgio Gullotta, material, quality and durability are important counterparts to the "interchangeable randomness" in cities; from his point of view, high-quality shop design radiates onto the product and the cityscape.