Office lofts


13.700 m²
GbR Lerchenstrasse / Lippmannstrasse



„Schanzenlofts“ are located at the Lippmannstraße in Hamburg and were built in 2018. The two new office buildings have an area of approx. 3000 qm. The front building consists of five floors while the building in the backyard consists of three floors. The existing building was constructed in 1991 as a car repair shop. After the last renter moved out, the old building was demolished to make room for the new ones. The front building is accessed from the street via a two-level entrance. A large glass façade element already provides a view into the impressive foyer of the building. The ground-floor façade area of the front building is set off from the upper floors by a dark grey brick, while the upper floors are light grey. The façade is also harmoniously structured by the window heights on the different levels. The backyard building is reached through a huge passage, with a unique designed gate. Different than the front building, the second building consists of three floors and is made of red bricks. The interior of the foyer in the front building is dominated by walls of exposed concrete in combination with oak doors and stairs, black metal components and a natural stone floor. Three imposing, space-consuming pendant lights create a special atmosphere. The glazing facing the backyard building extends over all levels and allows a view of the inner courtyard and the second building. There are two units on each floor, which are accessed via the light-flooded staircase. Exposed concrete walls and ceilings also dominate in the interior office spaces in both buildings. Customized walls made of light oak and glass, in combination with dark grey flooring; black kitchen units and industrial radiators characterize the space and support the desired loft character.