Participation in the architecture competition "Experts' Neighborhood" in the Speicherstadt Potsdam.

The hotel and commercial building, which is located in the northern part of the Speicherstadt between the recently planned Expert`s Neighborhood and the sports center marks the entrance of the quarter as well as of the city center of Potsdam. In order to do the urban building block justice, the new building responds both to the complex topography of the area as well as to the various uses. The different uses of the casino, hotel and commercial space are recognizable in the design of the façade without dissecting the building. The color scheme of the façade ranges from a natural red to a dark yellow/ochre to fit the typical colors of buildings in Potsdam. The façade in classic brickwork takes up the characteristics of the surrounding buildings in a playful and at the same time mediating way. Due to the special topography of the building, which functions as a mediating element between Expert's Neighborhoods and the Heinrich-Mann-Allee, a freely composed play of colors has been chosen for the façade, which begins with natural red bricks at the base and dissolves upwards through the interspersion of yellow ochre bricks. The casino with its homogenous red façade is recognizable in the design but doesn’t disturb the color play. Horizontal bricks maintain discretion. The structure allows a wonderful play of light and shadow inside the casino.