yoga retreat

ZENIYO, Bruges

commercial / residential
2019 / 2020



The new Yoga Retreat "Zeniyo" that is located in Brügge in Northern Germany is a place for regeneration and recreation. The property is directly located to fields and meadows along the Eider river. These areas are irreclaimable which makes the property an unique place in the landscape around the Eider. The chosen traditional and rural northern german barn architecture blends in harmoniously and inconspicuously with the surrounding area. While arranging and planning the houses the focus was on including the beautiful nature. Therefore the buildings with their large windows and porches face towards the water. Moreover the large yoga room on the upper floor with its special open ceiling opens up into the nature. The sauna with its unique design is located on the ground floor also with a great view over the area. Furthermore you'll find the changing rooms, a room for relaxing as well as the lounge on the ground floor.