1st prize in the "Schwentineufer Nord" competition in Kiel

The task includes the development of the building cubature as well as an appropriate architectural language for the façades, which fits perfectly into the exposed location at the newly designed Schwentineufer and the surrounding charming cityscape/landscape. The texture and materiality of the facade are intended to match the old historical cityscape but also has high claims regarding a new quarter for living and working. The aim is both to develop a high urban design quality for the district and to meet the needs of the users and residents. The view and the outlook should be in balance.

The design of the three buildings fits individually to the designated plots due to its cubature and façade design. At the same time, the buildings fit naturally into the surroundings around the Schwentineufer. The building located at the shore appears rather small-scaled by its differently shaped roofs, thus defusing the massiveness of the structure. At the same time, the type of building is reminiscent to the classic and harmonious harbor architecture and picks up on the history of the location. The reddish brick façade and the upright window formats emphasize the typical harbor character while at the same time providing optimal lighting for the living spaces and the required loggias. Half of the building is placed on the newly created plateau and the other half is placed on the level of the waterfront promenade, thus connecting both levels with each other. Generous open staircases and ramps allow easy access on both sides. This ensures that both squares are filled with life. The building faced to the north, in which mainly student apartments are planned, responds to its use with a simple but refined brick façade. The southern façade, which faces the water, is provided with brick grids in order to serve as a sun shading but the grids also reveal an interesting view but at the same time maintain a certain distance. The interplay between light and shadow at daytime is reversed at nighttime, giving the façade an interesting appearance at any time of day. The façade takes up the motif of the small-scale structured residential building situated on the waterfront. The slightly “folded” façade with the staggered and brick grids reminds of classic storage facilities. In addition, the façade is divided by a horizontal band structure, which elegantly arranges the monolithic building. The car parking lot is located behind the student housing. The façade is generated from the student residence building and is structured by the horizontal band structure and brick grids. The brick architecture connects the two buildings to form a harmonious ensemble.