Residential Tower


2018 - 2020
35.000 m²
DV Aquis VIII B.V.




For more than 200 years, the Alexanderplatz and its surrounding area are a popular stage for German history. Since the 1920s, Berlin has increasingly become a modern metropolis. Nothing represents a modern cosmopolitan city more than the high-rise building. Most of the architectural concepts during the 1920s were never realized. Until the 1950s, there were almost no high-rise buildings in Berlin. In the mid-1960s, the "Komplexvorhaben Alexanderplatz" marked the radical redesign and reconstruction of this area. During this time, the high-rise buildings "Hotel Stadt Berlin", "Das Haus der Lehrer", "Das Haus des Reisens" and a few more have been built. The German architect Hans Kollhoff won the architecture competition for the „Alexanderplatz“, which was launched in the beginning of the 1990s by the city administration. Kollhoff's design is characterized by high-rise buildings that are intended as the new "city crown" of Berlin. The urban planning concept was finished by the turn of the century.

Next to the big ALEXA shopping center with its striking architecture along the Alexanderstraße, starting at Otto-Braun-Straße, the building lot for the first high-rise residential building in the district Berlin Mitte after the German reunification is located. The architectural design is characterized by two distinctive elements of different heights, which are connected through an inner courtyard. The part of the building, which is facing towards the Alexanderstraße with its 12 levels merges harmoniously into the tower building with its 20 levels and a height of 65m. The tower, planned in the style of the classic high-rise architecture of the Chicago School, creates modern and flexible residential floor plans. This structure is clearly visible in the light-colored natural stone facade. The vertical facade with its room-high windows emphasizes the lightness of the design and enables urban living in the middle of Berlin. The residential building is centrally accessed via the urban courtyard. The mirrored roof above the courtyard guides the visitor into the building where the concierge welcomes his guests. The lobby with its hotel-like style, characterized by warm and high-quality materials, is the place where the visitor enters the residential building. Next to the entrance area, there is commercial space on the ground floor with a total size of approx. 650 sqm. From the 1st floor onwards, a total of 269 city apartments (approx. 50 - 150 sqm) have been planned. An underground car parking lot extending over 2 floors provides sufficient parking space for residents and visitors. A kitchen lounge is located on the rooftop, from where you can experience a fantastic view over Berlin.

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